*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina
*PRE-ORDER* The Celina


*PRE-ORDER* The Celina



The Celina is compact & stylish, sleek & practical, designed with the busy fitness female professional in mind.

A smaller design, but still able to manage your daily meals and life's everyday essentials, all in one bag.

Whether you are a body builder, active mum on the run, elite athlete or casual fitness enthusiast, the Fit Essentials Meal Prep Bags are made for you!

The Celina Bag includes the following.

-4 x 500ml BPA Free containers and leak proof clickable lids in an insulated compartment to give you the flexibility to manage your meals and food preparation to best suit your lifestyle.

-1 zipped internal pocket and 1 iPad / documents pocket.

-Polished silver logo, zips and connectors.

-Carry the bag either on your arm with the reinforced european style handle or over your shoulder with the included strap (approximately 87cm long)

-Keep the Celina closed with its hidden magnetic feature or keep it open for easy access. 

-4 metal feet to ensure the bag stays scuff free and clean off the ground.

-Removable velcro divider to enable you to place longer items into the insulated compartment.

-Celina Bag dimensions - Length 32cm, Height 29cm, Width 14cm.

The Celina has been designed and manufactured in conjunction with one of Australia's leading industrial designers to ensure it's function is as good as it's form.

Working with our designers we have carefully selected materials, including a specific eco friendly vegan leather, that not only look great, but are the best to support the function of the meal management component of the bag. This includes the insulation material and the meal containers where the Celina's function is as good as it's style.


NOTE - The top part of the Celina bag is stitched on one side and the other 3 sides are velcro, this is part of the manufacturing to allow the internal pieces to be inserted. Pease DO NOT try and remove this part of the bag to make it bigger, you may damage the bag and it is NOT covered under the warranty! Only the velcro divider can be removed without damaging the structure of the Celina Bag.